Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Everquest 2 - Why must you hurt me...

Just a quick little note.

Today serves as the third issue my wife has had with Everquest 2 since we started playing...not quite a month even I think.

Login servers went down, and we were locked out. Thus we played something else.

Things are not looking up in the EQ2 arena of gaming. Sucks too, as we always have a blast when we do play. But, I already gave Funcom lip for their less than stellar development of Age of Conan...yet here is a game going on 6 years with continued problems and bugginess.

Now, we debate if our 60 days will be it. Time will tell. For now, just a little /rant needed so I can get that little issue off my chest.



Stabs said...

Isn't it pretty normal for a MMO to be unavailable at times?

I've been playing EQ2 as well and I've had the same experience of the servers being down without feeling particularly disappointed.

I think all these massive games are like this.

Get a free to play back up game (Tier 1 Warhammer is a good way to kill an hour or two) then check if your servers are back.

Openedge1 said...

I agree. It is normal at times for games to be down for maintenance or for updates, and maybe an occasional outage.

What I am having an issue with is for my wife, who is NOT an avid MMO player but does love them and has played many a game in the past, to have so many issues within a span of less than a month.
It isn't about this outage, it is about items not being able to be claimed, rewards not received, and then an outage after just barely two weeks of play.

This far outweighs the many concerns of Age of Conan.


At least we could play Conan without so many tech support tickets..

Iccanui said...

Maybe instead of a 6 year old game going down being a indicator of incompetence, perhaps its a indicator of extreme complex nature of MMO's in general.

Easy for us all to forget the car has a engine sometimes. But it does none the less.