Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Power Restored

In case anyone has missed it, North Carolina, my home state, had a very nasty snowstorm. Dumping 3 foot overnight, this is quite the record (at least for as long as I have lived here).
This started early Friday with power flickering through the day, so not much got done but work, and a few hours of LOTRO for my upcoming major re-review for Scaryboosters blog.

Several things happened. I lost power early Saturday and have officially been out until today (Tuesday 12/22). Been a cold few days, with us finally moving to a hotel late Sunday.

My time in LOTRO was short lived. But, I did learn something, and when my post appears on Scarybooster, I will share the LOTRO love.

For now, I am just trying to get warm again, booting up PC's and working on getting water running properly and the whole shebang.

Tough camping weekend, but we are alive and that is what matters. My son (who is 11) was a major trooper and has proven to me that in the face of adversity, he truly has the wherewithal to hold up. What, with a week long trip to Michigan and Rhode Island (basically the Eastern half of the United States during my mothers illness) and then no power thus losing access to his PC and Xbox or TV...he instead worked with us and learned how to entertain himself quite well.

Anyways, hopefully back to gaming soon. Luckily, what little time I did have on a PC, I loaded up the new Divinity 2 demo for the PC, and have finally found my action RPG to replace my love of the Witcher with.

I pre-ordered that bad boy.

Later all.

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jeff said...

Glad to hear you made it thru those few days. I know what it's like to go without power (Ike) but not in snowy winter.

And interesting to hear about Divinity. I vagely remember the first one. I've been playing Sacred 2, which is very stable and bug free now after a years worth of patches. It has a really fun art style with awesome and even humerous monster animation, great sound effects, and awesome spell effects. Then of course there is the loot piñata gameplay which is well done - Legendary drops are ultra rare and the step below that a little less so, ao you don't feel OP within an hr of starting the game. The only hitch is apparently you have to download and install the patches incrementally or you may not even be able to play the game. But it's worth it for what is now a $20 game with many hours of gameplay.

But I'll be looking up Divinity 2 on your recommendation!