Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tis the season...

That I hope everyone is having a holly, jolly.

Recuperating from a great Christmas with family. Catching up on movies (how far behind am I? I watched Wolverine...yea, not much of a movie watcher. Tonight is the latest Harry Also, had my own Christmas miracle and found out my Mom has been released from the hospital and is on her way back home to Michigan (as she was stranded in Rhode Island with her issue). Now, just praying for a safe flight, seeing as Al Qaeda tried to down a flight to Michigan...ARGH.

Played my butt off in Divinity 2, which I SO, SO cannot wait for. This is truly the type of action RPG I have been wanting. Witcher, Oblivion, Diablo and Guild Wars all rolled into a Fable 2 like package. LOVE it.

And have yet to log back into EQ2.

Yea, EQ2 has officially kinda disappointed us. Downtimes, issues with claim items, learning curves, gathering all have added up to a game we want to like, but will probably let expire after our 60 days are up.

Age of Conan is actually already calling us back. We sure do hope they get patch 1.06 in before the end of January.

Otherwise, time to sit back and have a relaxing weekend, with some shopping, some dining and family that is what it is all about.

Cheers and Happy Holidays

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Jayedub said...

That's great news about your Mom!