Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Everquest 2 - Old accounts enabled

Just seen someone mention this on Twitter. So, I went to check it out on the wifes old account. It was enabled and available for 25 days...so, we can grab all her cash and items and put them in the Guild bank.

Love it when they do this for EQ2.

I have some more info coming soon and some screenies are starting to pile up. Hope to post those soon.



Jayedub said...

Awesome, I just installed EQ2 yesterday, so this works out just great!

Anjin said...

Huh. I've been thinking about trying EQ2 again. I guess it's time to dive in. Thanks for the heads up, OE1.

Yeebo said...

Wow, that's funny...I've been thinking about reinstalling it as well.

Jayedub said...

Unfortunately when I go to my account page, it still says that I am inactive. Not sure why, but I might end up missing out on the free play time.

Draygen said...

It was a coincidence that I decided to download EQ2 and use a free trial. I decided to try my old account, and to my surprise - I got the free 25 days as well!

I'm totally psyched.. I think I've enjoyed EQ2 more than any other MMO since EQ. Maybe I'll even re-subscribe! :)