Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Everquest 2- Getting to grips

If there is one thing Everquest 2 does NOT do for the is hold their hand.

Coming back, there is a lot I remember, and more is coming back to me. But, some things leave me wondering where to start.
The abundance of things you need to do while leveling is truly insane. From XP for levels to the AA system, crafting XP, to leveling up each type of skill (for example, if you do not cast certain spells enough, you do not level those abilities within themselves...yea, I know...convoluted).

But, this must be what makes the game FUN. Also, I am thinking that EQ2 is the best game for future Alzheimer's patients, as the number of things you must remember, and how it makes the brain work, is phenomenal!

We are close to finishing a new achievement the game gives you, the race to level 20. Finish in a week and you get a special prize. I am level 15, the wife 14 and my son...16. Yea, he is rocking.

As to my son, he has started an alt already. We who have played EQ2 know the alt addiction that can happen in this game, as the classes are so varied.
He is playing a Monk as a secondary right now. Figured that kung fu stuff would rock his world.

So far, the game is running great and we are having a blast in Antonica (that region really brings back memories). We have started on the writs for the guild to help level her. We are level 27 and have a long ways to go. We are almost level 20 in crafting and then we can start the work orders there as well.

Great to be back in Norrath.

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