Sunday, December 6, 2009

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad...

You take them all and there you have...EQ2.

Wow is all I can say. Talk about blasting through some hours. I think we accumulated about 4-6 hours of EQ2 yesterday. Myself, the wife and son took times to log in, quest, level up, gather resources, craft, get shinies and play with the UI to get it all set up.
We re-enabled the Guild, Simple Complexities, which should be a blast working on leveling that up...

As you can see...we had so much fun.

But, as I sit down today, I want to give that good ole..."Hey, I am back. Lets talk about YOU for a bit and where you are in your life" talk to EQ2.

The Good

I am so glad you have kept your same style. You feel familiar to me, and that helps me get to feeling all funny inside. You know, that good funny feeling as I remember those old times.
But, I do see you have been working out some. What is this cool new "achievement" feature that keeps standing out to me. Yea, I know the other girls are doing it, but hey, you do it very well.
I also see you have been working on making sure you are more serious about running well. The way you use those multiple cores and moved those shadow maps to usability on the CPU or GPU...well... it makes me all giddy.
Also, thank you for all the presents you gave me with that "Complete Collection". I really appreciate that.

The Bad

I just wish you would change your clothes a little. You continue to wear some old fashions. That UI is just dreadful. There are some new items I see, but feels so "80's".
I just had to think of you with an alternate model still, as I really like those better than your original looks. Clay modeling is so passee`.
You still feel a little confined to me as well, but I know that cannot change. Luckily I forget how boxed in you make me I will accept that.
BTW, you really have gained weight. And do you realize it took me over 30 minutes to load your DVD, and I STILL see you gain another whopping 4.6 GIGS of patching. That sure does NOT feel so "Complete".

The Ugly

I am sorry, but why should I feel so slow and like my system will crash after playing with you. I have today's latest tech, and other games we should not mention (Yea, you know, that...other guy...named Conan), well, he doesn't run like that. And I mean...really...he is TWICE your size!

But, I tell you what. I will accept those "Bads" as the "Goods" make me feel happy inside.

Lets go play now.


Jayedub said...

I remember a time when EQ2 was the best looking MMO out there, how times have changed.

I hear you on the bad and ugly points, but it still is a great game with a ton of content.

Longasc said...

Looking forward to see some screenshots. How are the animations? I mean it is quite known that plastic worm hair styles are not the strong point of EQ2, just as the odd fact that all female elves seem to have broken hips and can't walk in a straight line in LOTRO (they try to hide this with long cloaks ^^).

Aion is a good example that even low terrain textures can make for a good looking game that runs very fast. Unfortunately the great client also comes with eastern looks and design philosophy.

Have a lot of fun with EQ2 -> and let's meet in more than a year in Guild Wars 2! :)

Openedge1 said...

Guild Wars 2 is all the MUST have in our household. GW was my wifes all time favorite of MMO's. We have such fond memories of the game, that GW2 is a given for purchase.

As to screenies, I do have some lined up. In all honesty, it is hard to appreciate some of the oddities of EQ2.
Antonica, an old region looks like a bare landscape, and slightly unrealistic in terms of visual quality. The game hiccups a lot, even with the horsepower I have that runs AoC at 60FPS even. But, EQ2 has it's own charm as well, that just can't be beat. For example, watching the wife's Beserker as it kicks someone, then spins around, swipes the sword at it's just looks cool. Capes flow quite nicely and some creatures look very much like their real life counterparts (like the Lizards that look like real Komodos).

Ah well. The most I can say is graphics actually do not matter that much in EQ2 thanks to how much there is to do...too much fun to worry about looks.

Anyways, will have some screenies very soon


Lars said...

EverQuest II is rather ugly with the default models and does run like dirt even on the powerful machines I have. Disappointing compared to Age of Conan's engine (and that isn't even very optimized either!) But the game play and variety of content surpasses anything else currently on the market. Welcome back to EQ2.