Friday, December 4, 2009

What is this? Two posts?

And in one day?

ARGH...the insanity.

Anyways, first a heartfelt thanks to everyone with their grats on the game to play. I really feel invigorated again.

Also, as you may I go again, with the redux of the website. So, be prepared for the changes as they happen. Longasc, in my previous post, commented that maybe I need to kill my single game focus...and he is right. My best stuff was when I was looking at gaming in general, and I really enjoyed the commentary and of course...the comment-ary (uh, you know...people's comments?

Anyways, another thing lately is my playing focus for games has been with the family. Thanks to all of us having the same likes in regards to RPG's, Renaissance periods, and Fantasy overall...I am looking to focus on how everyone in the family is about the games we play.
We have added my son as an avid gamer, and he is doing an excellent job. The fact our 11 year old RAIDED in Age of Conan should give a clue on how well he is doing.
So, from time to time, I may actually talk to them about adventures we do within games, to get their point of view instead of mine and blog about that.

Should be fun.

This takes me back to the subtitle of my blog. The "Simple and Complex" part will always that is what it is all about. Gaming can be as simple or as complex as life can be, so this works.
For now, my subtitle is in between the RPG. It seems to fit where I am in the genre (single player and MMO between a rock and a hard place maybe?) and makes me think of discussing the games more so than "scratching the surface". There seems to be more to playing games now that brings about emotion and feeling toward the genres.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who reads my ramblings. You know, I think I need to bring back my RSS feed and stuff. Lets see how that goes. Also, working on a header image. Should be fun to break into the Photoshop skillz again...hehe.



Riknas Sarn said...

Congratulations Open! In the end, kicking the dead horse that is Funcom over and over...well, it was a repetition that apparently got to everyone.

It's also great to know you managed to keep the family together in MMOs as you moved on to EQ2! I could only dream of such a tightly knit family.

I look forward to your posts!

Jayedub said...

Ramble on I say, I find it very entertaining.

Longasc said...

Nice new name for your blog. I also like the new backgroundimage for the headline. Congrats to your son, I noticed the younger gamers are still innocent and lack the testosterone of the 16 year old gamers to really go nuts about something.

I already imagine you, your son and your wife as a Lizard family in EQ2. Hmm... probably not. But I am looking forward to your first impressions! :)

Anonymous said...

EQ2 is easily the most polished MMO currently on the market. It's the one I always go back to once whatever new game I'm trying out loses its appeal. Honestly, if EQ2 were set in any other world than Norrath, I'd probably never cancel my subscriptions at all.