Thursday, December 17, 2009

Everquest 2 - Thinking of the starter zones.

I did a little tweet marathon on Twitter on what I felt like when I was in each of the starter cities or zones in Everquest 2.
Each area gives me a feeling of something I have read or watched in a movie or on TV in the past (or even visited...hehe).
Here is a reprint of that tweet-a-thon, along with reference links in case you have never heard of the stories, etc.

Qeynos is very easy. It feels very Germanic and Renaissance like. When I am in Qeynos, I feel like I am at a RenFaire.

Kelethin of course is VERY high fantasy, and almost feels cartoon like with it's huge mushrooms. Harry Potter? or Fairyland?

Neriak is a dark world, and it totally feels like the Drow races of Dungeons and Dragons fame. Drizzt comes to mind.

Freeport is old, and feels like a thieves zone. I think of Thieves World or Fafhrd and Gray Mouser.

Gorowyn is very Barbaric, and makes me feel like Conan and Hyboria.

Can you think of variations on this? What do you feel when you visit these starter zones.

And Cheers!

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