Friday, December 4, 2009

And the winner is?

Everquest 2!!

That is right. After much deliberation, the family has chosen it's "interim" game, and that is EQ2.

Originally it started as trying to decide what to even do. I had been feeling kind of down with life in general thanks to my Mothers condition, Christmas not being a grand affair this year due to going broke helping my family, I was just not in the mood AT ALL to play anything. Things started to pile up on me, where I debated about playing the Xbox 360, but my sons Xbox goes and dies. I wish for him to have the system, and I was not really in the mood yet to play it, so I handed mine over to him. (I have also been unimpressed with the RPG collection available on the 360 anyways).
I logged into various games, like WAR and DDO. Yet, they just did not grab me. But, then I was graced by a star. A ...Stargrace if you will.

Over at, I saw her post, a little piece, a simple video explaining what she liked about EQ2 compared to WoW.

Then the nostalgia hit.

Since I have been playing MMO's, only 3 have kept me occupied and happy enough to play them for extended periods. Guild Wars has kept me for years and years, but I have played it so much, it just does not call me now. Age of Conan is the longest subscription MMO for myself (and my wife), but as we have seen, Funcom just has NO clue how to run a game, and I needed to talk with my wallet for a while (I will return, but probably not until a lot happens change wise).

Then came Everquest 2. The 3rd longest game we ever played, and we had a blast. Just like any MMO, after an extended period of time, everyone needs a break, and after 8 months we had moved on.

But, now we have a difference. Our son.

So, after watching the little piece by Stargrace, I suggested it to the wife. She actually seemed interested, and we thought it may just be the two of us again. Last night, I loaded up the demo to see how it felt. During that time, my son watched and asked about the game. Since he has a growing interest in MMO's, well, we let him in. As he saw and heard all of the things we could do...decent combat, gathering and crafting (which he enjoyed doing..), housing (which he really liked) and SHINIES!!....he was sold. So were we as we watched him play. The music lulled me in to that nostalgic feel, and the game instantly became familiar to both myself and my wife (who was slightly napping, but as my son started to play, actually woke up and interjected with her own commentary and

The second selling point is what is called the "Complete" collection. You get all of the game...every expansion, every addon AND 60 days of gameplay (not just 30)...all for 20 BUCKS. WOW, what a deal.

This helped us make the next decision...start from scratch...EVERYONE.

Both myself and the wife have higher level characters. But, one thing is for sure. EQ2 was never about the race to level, but reaching the things to do AS you level. The wife has already started discussing gathering and crafting, I started discussing housing....well, you get the idea. The game is NOT just about questing and killing.

So, we should be able to enter Norrath by Monday!!

Now, who thinks I need to change the title of my blog?


Stargrace said...

You should keep the blog name the same. ;) Other wise it'll get all confusing in my RSS!

Hope the experience is a pleasant one, and if it's not, well.. *runs and hides*

Seriously, glad you've found a game that may be able to give you some enjoyment, wandering around gameless is never that fun.

Longasc said...

I think simple-n-complex still works. But "Funcom... riddle me this." is a thing of the past. Also the burnt wood image.

Also, people probably do not read your blog because of a focus on a single game. You have much more to say than this. You have played many more games besides AoC. You are Openedge1, not AoCEdge123, after all. You are writing about your and your families MMO experiences here. And even if one game is in the focus for obvious reasons, because you are playing it right now, don't limit your vast gaming experiences to talking about this one game.

I am a bit sad. I always enjoyed reading about your AoC experiences because I was not playing it and it was always very interesting.

This is what your blog was always best at, writing about your gaming experiences. I am really looking forward to read your comments and musings about adventuring in EQ2!

As for a blog name --- OpenAdventure. The MMO adventures of OpenEdge1, friends and family.

Something along these lines would nail it, IMO.

Copra said...

Simple-n-Complex Guild revival?

Go for it and make the guild as fun a place as it was way back then. Who knows, I may be tempted to pop in if the stars are right after Icecrown launches!

C out

Hudson said...

Again? Well your old guild should be there

Troy said...

Everquest II is probably the best MMO available, within a defined set of criteria. Each person quantifies different concepts with more importance, but to me the graphics are the best for a moderate computer. EQ II rules are easy to understand, but full of robust game play. Character development is balanced well and and achievements are tangible on a daily, weekly, and end game basis. The community is well developed. Sony is a good and stable company, always offering new content.

Blue Kae said...

Glad you found a new MMO to enjoy while you wait and see if Funcom can pull out of their stall. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the current state of EQ2, I'm sure it has changed quite a bit since you last played.

Jayedub said...

EQ2, excellent choice. I myself am not playing the game any more, but I have always liked EQ2. Sounds like you got a great deal too.