Monday, September 29, 2008

Age of Conan vs. WAR - All in the mentality

I was cruising some blogs this morning and ran into one which was originally an Age of Conan blog.
But, like so many of us, the frustrations of Funcom brought the blogger to the conclusion that they could not go on.
He left his guides intact for the classes he had worked with, and started to stray...

But, as time went on, this blogger stepped into WAR, and came back with this decision...

"I’m not having fun…"

So, I started to wonder how someone would NOT have fun in WAR. What type of mentality is it that compels us to play one style over another of MMO.

As the blogger says later in his post...

"I’m seriously considering rerolling one of my favorite classes on one of the popular servers in Age of Conan"

Which happened to me as well.

Some of his issues with WAR are..

  1. ‘Old School’ one monster at a time PvE - Basically like we have grown use to in past MMO's, you face one monster, maybe two, as otherwise, you WILL die. As well, these one off battles can take minutes to complete. Placement and movement, and massive battles are the norm in AoC and another favorite...Guild Wars. Four or more mobs is not uncommon in either game. You need to make split decisions on who to attack, and keeping yourself out of AoE effects, etc.
  2. Public Quests are just another grind - Well, this is another way to give you a quest, but you still do the exact same, this really changes nothing of the game atmosphere or mechanics.
But, what is also of interest ...examples of other player comments for that blog post were interesting.

"I agree. I was unfairly critical of play on Age of Conan, however the game (Warhammer) is boring… and ugly. When I play Conan, (or) even LOTRO, the(se) games (are) is fun, the music pulses and it is good. Have a good party and things rock. Warhammer just is bland."

"I was getting a little frustrated with the lack of content in AoC, and went back to LOTRO because I heard they finally got some population again. I used to love that game but our server became deserted and I wasn’t about to pay for a toon transfer.
Despite the beautiful landscapes, after AoC my toons (in LOTRO) just felt retarded in combat and I used to think they looked cool, now their bodies just seemed awkward looking to me. I came back to AoC at least till I see where the new management takes it"

But, some alternate comments as well

"AoC was rather bland at the lower levels and then it just seem to dump you with no direction. I’m having a blast so far in WAR you should get it another try after a couple weeks after launch!"

"Maybe try a different class if you aren’t having fun?
The scenarios change dramatically at Tier 2. In Tier 2, I’ve played CTF, Smear the Queer, and this weird King of the Hill/CTF Hybrid scenario."

And then one who does not know which way to go..

"I was getting a little bored with WAR until I tried a Marauder, which I enjoy immensely.
That said, I just re-activated my AoC account. Not sure if I will go back to my HoX, the ToS or roll up that Bear Shaman I always wanted to "

So, what is it that compels these alternating attitudes. And why do those that try AoC, eventually end up back there.
And what is it about WAR's game mechanics that some enjoy, and others are "Leery" about.

Combat, visual quality, and the grind mentality seems to be key here.

Maybe some are not for the level grind anymore.

As an example, the wife and myself have been less worried about our levels, and having more fun just killing mobs, and getting loot. We did the same thing in Guild Wars.

I think we are of the Diablo "mentality".

And the WAR mentality is the "grind" aspect to level and gain reknown...I call it the "WoW" effect.

Do you have an idea of what it is that compels you to play your game of choice?
Can you figure out which mentality you are?


Crimson Starfire said...

I hate the 'WoW effect' and Warhammer definitely has it in spades. I'm still enjoying Warhammer at the moment purely because of the PvP carnage. You don't need to grind all PvE quests and public quests in order to advance your character, you can do it simply via scenarios and RvR. You have no idea how long I have waited for an MMORPG that rewards the PvP gamer (can be seen as a negative if you don't like PvP).

So although grinding PvP scenarios can be considered a type of WoW effect, I guess you don't notice it if you are having fun ;)

Bildo said...

That's the essence of all MMOG's really.

They're all grinds... they're all timesinks.

But all that matters is whether it's disguised to the point where you don't notice it.

Crimson Starfire said...

Well said Bildo, well said.