Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Age Of Conan - First server merge a success

Checking the forums, it seems the first set of the server merges has happened.

Bloodspire and Hyperborea were merged (with the new server being Bloodspire). This first test is also interesting as it is a PvP server (both of them) but one was a RP (Bloodspire).
As such, it seems discussion is underway of how everyone feels about the RP vs. no RP will go.

At this time no further merges have been noted yet, but I will assume the next set will be PvE (my hopes anyways).

Things look good as supposedly discussion is rampant on the new server, and the guild count is quite high as well. Should be interesting to see those will merge also.

If more news comes up on this, I will post it.

As a side note, my time card for AoC was back ordered for between 2-4 weeks. Seems Amazon was sold out (ARGH!) it looks like I may load up my DDO account and give that a try for now.


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Anonymous said...

It sounds logical that there will be a lot of people on the servers. Both because there obviously are two populations being merged, but also that some people may be returning to check out "their" new merged servers if they had characters on them.

Good for the game if it works out well.