Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fable 2 - DLC? Not so impressed

Too easy, not a whole lot to do, and overall could have saved 10 bucks.

I wish they would have introduced a new mob or something.
I like the idea of the special "gift" shop where unique items were held. But, the puzzles were lame, and overall Fable 2 was good while it lasted, but just does not have that longevity I like in my RPG's.

Goes on my to sell list now.

Back to some AoC (oh, and just tried the demo for the Dreamfall...the second release, Longest Journey...I think I may add that to my to buy list)


Lars said...

The Longest Journey (the first one) was really good. Dreamfall (the sequel) told an interesting story but the puzzles were much simpler and the action fighting sequences were terribly realized.

I'm not a purist who thinks adventure games must be purely cerebral point and click affairs (or text-based, for that matter ;) ) but if you are going to do some hybrid game with action fighting and sneaking and so on, it shouldn't feel like a bunch of half-assed mini-games loosely tied together. But that's how Dreamfall felt to me.

The Longest Journey on the other hand was pure gold.

Scott said...

I still haven't seen any indication that Fable 2 itself would be worth the money for me, much less the DLC.

But then I've never been a huge believer that RPGs and Replay Value go hand-in-hand either. Beat the story, I've beat the story. I'll give it a shot at some point with Mass Effect mainly to get the extra achievements for level cap but that will be my first ever. Possibly my last.