Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chronicles of Spellborn - "Some really good news"

The exact words from The Historian on January 8th. Actually let me quote here...

"That said we should have some good news very very soon."

Ok good?

From the Spellborn boards

14 Jan 2009

"Hi Players,

The game guard and server side implementation has been done, We have received the Acclaim version of the test client also.
We are in process of setting up the servers and testing the client for any bugs which need to fixed before the close beta release.
So keep your fingers crossed that we don't come across any critical issues.


Today's date, Jan 22nd. The ACTUAL release date for Closed Beta? November 27th, 2008.

So, I am starting to get confused. Will this game ever launch in 2009? And how is the game doing overseas?

Empty servers is the word being bandied about. I see nothing good coming of this issue.

Not holding my breath any longer, I figure this one goes on the backburner until I see an email for my invite.

Whenever that will be.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that you will not see the game on the American side of the pond until 1.0.2 is released, which currently is postponed to some point in early Febaruary.

That update do seem to address some much needed matters/bugs, plus add a new tutorial some new content and som gfx improvements.
So while there is still nothing new on the IP-block madness I think there is hope for an increase in population here after that update.

I think if they still keep the IP block the European Acclaim servers will be more populated, simply because they will cover a substantially larger population than the non-French/German speaking population that can play the game.

Danshir said...


I'm really getting tired of waiting for this =(

Danshir said...

I hate double commenting, but I forgot to add that the FEAR 2 demo is out Edge, you have to check it out =D

Openedge1 said...

I did, and it looks quite good. I played the first game and did not like it due to the controls, but the story was good.
Now visually it looks incredible, a good UI and better controls..
We have it on our to buy list for sure.
And for you, don't forget Monday is the Resident Evil 5 demo if you have an Xbox.

Danshir said...

My xbox is still broke =(. I "reviewed" the FEAR 2 demo at if you want to check it out.

Overall, if the full game is like the demo, I'm gonna need to work on NOT screaming like a little girl.