Monday, January 5, 2009

Everyone is predicting 2009 in review

And I see everyone is calling AoC a failure, and will close up shop.

I will now post my 2009 predictions...

AoC will not close!

Happy New Year!


Scott said...

I don't see AoC closing. I don't know much about Funcom but they seem to be a fairly small company. They've managed to keep Anarchy Online going all this time, and are even working on a complete graphical overhaul (if they've not done it yet?).

I also don't see a either.

Yeah, it was clunky in beta. Yeah, it was clunky, bug-ridden, unstable and most of the content missing at launch. But I think the new team can get it turned around. It did have some potential, at least.

Yes, I thought TR's new team could get that one turned around and headed in the right direction too, but I think NCsoft had that one blacklisted all along. Funcom is banking on AoC and I don't see them pulling the plug anytime. Who knows, maybe it could be the first-ever MMO Comeback?

Tesh said...

I have nothing but distaste for AoC, but I doubt it will fold. There are enough people who like it to maintain profitability, methinketh. If the devs can make it better, and address the real bugs in it, there's little reason for it to fail.

Anonymous said...

Funcom maybe saying its not a top priority but I'd love to see AoC launch on the 360. Its release could also steal the thunder from the PS3 as the first new gen console to have a mmo release

Danshir said...

This really has nothing to do with the post, but Earthrise beta sign ups have started, Edge =).

Openedge1 said...

Thanks for the heads up Danshir.
I like the look of that title.

Scott said...

@construed: the 360 has had an MMO for quite awhile now, but it's only FFIX. AoC would be nice to see but it's going to have the problem of AoC's bad reputation preceding it, in addition to finding out how many Gold members are also willing to pay for an MMO (assuming they're currently console-only gamers with no PC MMO subscriptions).

I love the concept behind Earthrise but I think the focus on PvP (especially "hardcore" PvP with corpse looting) will be its downfall, just like Darkfall.

Lars said...

That's a safe bet. AoC wasn't a good game, but it certainly has enough subscribers to be viable.