Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Gaming Wrapup

And an interesting one at that.

Shock of shocks, but I have been having a BLAST in the new Star Wars:Force Unleashed game. I am not a huge Star Wars fan, but some things I like.
The last game I enjoyed was Republic Commando for the XBOX and PC. A very good FPS, with some cool tactical combat.
This latest game has SO many ways to take an enemy out, and as you progress you gain more abilities.

The visual quality is great, and the boss fights are just the way I like them.
Even better is the fact that the story in this one game is 100% better than the last 3 mistakes...uh, I meant movies.

Also, this weekend after going and having an awesome meal at P.F. Changs (yum...the best Chinese ever...), (EDIT: Yes, I know it is Fusion, yet the "Chinese" based dishes makes other Chinese taste like crap) we saw The Unborn. This movie was rated horribly, but I am a fan of Goyers writing, and he has at least made progress in his directing skills. I also think people concentrate on so many stupid things.
For example, so many reviews mention that the lead walks around in her panties, almost like she did it for the majority of the film. The panty walks lasted all of 2 minutes...
The story is convoluted, and people did not like that...OMG...please.
The concept was sound, and was unique as well. Just like The Invisible (which people also did not rate highly), and the interesting prospect of that story, we as a whole enjoyed each of these films.
If you have the capability to follow a good story, and can ignore some pitfalls, you can see the progress of a Writer/Director coming into his own..
In so many words, we liked it.
Anyways, this all leads to a trip to the store, and finding Resident Evil 4 for PC for a measly 5 bucks. Being fans of this series, but never having purchased it due to reviews knocking the graphical porting, and wonky controls...we decided..."What the heck"...5 BUCKS.
And we were not disappointed.

Luckily a patch had been released which fixed a majority of the texture problems. As well, the 360 controller works like the Gamecube controller did, and I was able to get the hang of the game before long.
There is no doubt as a whole the game is fun. And of course, with us being Horror Survival fanatics, we loved the creepy far.
We will play this one out.

Finally, as you may notice, another game left my list. The Darkness. I think it has to do with the FPS controls, and I am just not ready for an FPS at this time.
Plus, I added Age of Conan, as my time card shipped, and will be here Tuesday.


Finally this week, Fable 2's DLC is suppose to finally launch. New adventures, etc. I cannot wait to go back to Albion! Hopefully I will be done pretty soon with Star Wars, as I think I am at the end...woohoo. I am totally sticking to my one game at a time rule on the 360, so no Fable until Star Wars ends.

Cheers and lets all work toward having a good week!


Ardwulf said...

I hesitate to call P. F. Chiang's 'Chinese Food' - it's more Asian Fusion, I think. But still, it's REALLY good. I keep, promising to take Mrs. Ardwulf there.

Scott said...

Yeah, P. F. Chang's is definitely Asian Fusion. We have one here in JAX now and it's popular but there's an Asian Fusion place, the Blue Bamboo, about a mile from my home that keeps winning local awards and I like it even better. Although Chang's lettuce wraps rock...

...and I am just not ready for an FPS at this time...

*checks Edge's gamercard and sees an awful lot of COD 2 and 3 lately* :)

Seriously is Darkness just not a good game? I've heard the FPS controls (or aiming anyway) is wonky but that if you play for the story and all rather than playing "only" like a shooter (if that makes sense?) that it's a good game. Was considering picking it up used one of these days. That or Clive Barker's Jericho; something with a good story behind it since it's solo-only.

Openedge1 said...

(Note to Scott: Don't look at Gamercard, as my son mostly plays under that...and I play under the
Yes, the story was interesting, but I hated the rather nasty controls. Too much to remember to do things as your trying to not get killed.
But, storywise, Darkness was good, just not as fun as I thought...

Ah well.

Scott said...

Awww... and here I keep checking the gamercard and your 360Voice too to see what new stuff you're trying! LOL

I just picked up Jericho today and it seems really cool so far (very early into it obviously). I'm watching all the cut-scenes and reading all the pre-level text to keep a grip on the story but the game itself is well-done. Nice graphics, great framerate, fluid controls. I hear it's not a very difficult game but I'm in it for the story not to punish myself.

I'm looking forward to Resident Evil 5 on 360 though! I just hope it's as good as they're hyping it to be. Online co-op Horror Survival sounds so good...

Lars said...

PF Changs is fairly good as far as Chinese chain restaurants go. But you really need to head to Chinatown NYC to know how good Chinese food can be.