Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another one bites the dust!

Infinite Undiscovery ...time to say goodbye. I hardly knew ye'

7 hours in, and the lack of fun became quite evident. The issue revolves around the group mechanics and the drop system.
The game also plays like a real time MMO (it felt like the new Shin Megami Online game combat wise), which would be fine, if other features of an MMO existed.
I would level up, and the game would take care of everything. I would die, and the AI would take care of everything...ah heck, the AI even took care of most of the mobs.

There was no skill involved or needed.

The fact I was still using the same weapons, towns were few and far between to buy stuff, and saves were irritating...overall it just died in the Fun department.

So, with that out of the way, I decided to load up Star Wars , The Force Unleashed. There are a lot of cool mechanics here regarding force powers and what not. The fact the story is better than the last 3 movies also helps in enjoying the game.
This should tide me over for now until the release of Lord of the Rings Conquest (you know...a GOOD LOTR game).
And come February, the release of Drakensang, an old school party based RPG like Neverwinter Nights, but more involved.



Scott said...

Ummmmmm... you might want to check out the new LOTR: Conquest demo first.

I went from "whoooo!" at learning of the game to "ewwwww" at playing the demo, but I've only played once. I need to give it another shot, and try it online if anyone's playing (no one was when I first tried) but I'm still tainted by that first impression.

Openedge1 said...

And I already did, and had a blast!

How weird...

The things I noted...

Awesome music! Of course...the license helps there.

Awesome models! Thanks to licensed models ...better than that other Tolkien license!

Strategic gameplay! Based on the tutorial I already got an idea of how you could play out various parts of the scenario.

The controls were quite cool...

When my son came running in after his third time playing through the tutorial and said "I gotta get this", I was totally sold (he is quite picky)

Nope, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Still on my list!