Friday, January 30, 2009

Votes are in - 5 to 1

Interesting results for my question yesterday. Thank you all for answering.

With a 5 to 1 result of more info about AoC and what is going on...I have decided to "SOMEWHAT" filter more information about AoC into my posts.

Do not get me wrong, I also am waiting for Aion, TCoS (yea...right...more on that later), or anything that looks pleasing. Nothing really does though. So, AoC focus on, and of course my usual diatribes.

Anyways, anyone watching Lie to Me? Not as big of a jerk as House, but still somewhat unique thanks to how the show plays out. The display of previous liars of history every once in a while is a great snicker (from Bill Clinton, Nixon, to sports stars, etc...great stuff).
I wish Bones was a better show, but for some reason the cast did not mesh for me (especially the turn in story over the last year really irked me)
Ok...if you have not watched this though, give it a look see on Good stuff.

DANGIT...I still chat away don't I?...It is all the conversations in my head...the VOICES>>>>>>


Ok, all, back to the regular blog!


Scott said...

Never got into Bones either, although I don't watch much TV at all these days.

I forget, did you write anything about Fringe yet? Loving that (stream from Hulu to 360 because I have no clue when it's on for real) show, kinda an X-Files for this decade.

Keep up the AoC stuff. I've said before I prefer reading about games I don't play. How many blogs on the same game I'm playing could I possibly read and manage to stay interested?

Oh and of course, the most important AoC info of all: you *will* let me know when, how, and who to sleep with to get into the 360 beta, right? :p

Openedge1 said...

Oh yea...Fringe.
I did a write up of the shows that I watch the most and what to watch coming soon..

Fringe so far has been our all time favorite "new" show this season.
We the show (to get 720p HD)...and it rocks.

I think I need to write up our schedule...that will be a good post


Ravious said...

I really like Lie to Me, except for the use of the word "lying." I mean seriously you would die if you played a drinking game based on that word in that show. It's always: look at that classic hand shrug, he's lying. look at that smirk with his eyebrow slowly distended from his earlob, he's lying. I don't need it spoonfed to me, but maybe the rest of America does... it is Fox.