Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend Gaming Wrapup and tidbits

Well, it has been a little bit since I have posted my wrap.
Recently work has become more hectic thanks to the economy. I work for a non-profit, and as such, we are scrambling for ways to fund projects, and keep us afloat.
Luckily my division still has a cash flow. But, to keep that "flow" going, we must find more avenues.

Vicious cycle.

Anyways, what have I been doing this past few weekends? Resident Evil 4 and Age of Conan. I also trialed a copy of Longest Journey : Dreamfall (or is that the other way).

What has impressed me the most in Resident Evil 4 is the longevity. The game is much longer than I expected for a single player horror survival. Boss fights of course are the crux of the game time, as you DIE over and OVER.
But, the learning curve with the controls has been met, and I am able to work through the situations with a minimal amount of fuss. I can find the weakness, and then take them out effectively.

The inventory system that was created for Res 4 is top notch compared to most Horror Survival. I have never run out of room, and I can keep expanding. Also, the way they have the purchasing agent for upgrades scattered around the various zones is amusing (that and of course the infamous typewriter for saves).
I can smell the end in sight though (just quit dropping me through holes in the floor, get me out of the sewers and to the real meat of the game).

Age of Conan has been rocking. I transferred my level 51 over to the SET server where my Fellowship guild is located (680 members strong), and I have just hit level 54.

I have entered the Mountain zone part of Cimmeria (don't ask me to write the name down...Eiglophia...something), and the quests have filled up my log.
I also completed the next step in the Destiny quest line, and will be taking the next chapter of that story at level 60.
I think it is around level 56, I can enter the new zone known as Ymir's pass. This should be quite cool as the quests have more of a story bent to them. Even though right now I am enjoying the particular quests in the Eig Mtns.
Seems groups of Cannibals in the various parts of the Mtns. have started to gather around these large stone Orbs. The Orbs are making them more aggressive, and of course causing a grouping mentality (must be why they have not eaten themselves yet...), and attacking travelers through the mountains.
I must take out these Orbs in the hopes the Cannibals will be tamer (or less likely to think I am Kentucky Fried Aquilonian).

Anyways, the announcement for the next patch went out this past week, and the beginning of February looks like the launch of the new level 80 content and updates to various modes of gameplay. Better get leveling some more...!

More on that as it happens.

Yesterday I downloaded my copy of Resident Evil 5 on the 360. And I will join Scott who commented on my previous post where this is mentioned...


Who made those controls.

I tried to change the format somewhat to see if I could match my Resident Evil 4 settings, but that was a failure. Thanks to hard coded settings, this may prove to be a pain to play overall.
My son played, and handily walked through the first mission. I died horribly over and over as I got lost trying to equip a new weapon, take an herb, etc.
The biggest complaint? The real time inventory system.
I am sure they wanted to go for a more visceral and intense experience...but man oh man..
When you have creeps climbing over walls, through windows, etc...sitting there fumbling with an inventory screen that covers your view (slightly) and having to press a variation of buttons and controls to change to an item, caused more frustration than excitement.
I have read it is being discussed to release for the PC as well as the 360 and PS3. If so, this might be the ticket, and I can configure my controls using Xpadder.
For now, I will continue to practice...but I sure do not want to unlearn my Res 4 controls in my head, so I may hold off and finish Res 4 first.

As for tidbits...lets end on these little thoughts.

Supposedly the beta is really going for Darkfall (even though they call it a "Staggered release"...yea..). Even with excuses of DDoS attacks, downtime, etc.
Will this game really launch?
Hellgate: London...will you guys make up your minds already? Supposedly Hanbitsoft plans to make the game Free to play when the main servers close..
Hello, what is the REAL story here (and PS: I would play Hellgate if it was free...same with Tabula Rasa)
MMORPG.com has releaunched their site. Faster, cleaner, better font usage...now, if they could just clear out the riff raff who hang around the forums waiting for particular people to post and then attack those posts (this is the ultimate Trolls forum!).
Oh, and BTW, what the hell...Age of Conan now has an internal review rating of 1.0...uh, fix the site people!

Ok...outta here...later!


Scott said...

In the options there are four control settings, one of which claims to be RE4. I've never played RE4 so I wouldn't know.

The series has a history of clumsy controls but that doesn't make it ok. Seeing RE5 just shows all the opportunities for awesomeness that the retarded developers completely blew on this awful control/camera scheme.

This demo could backfire on Capcom if the controls cost them customers.

Is Funcom putting out any info on the 360 AoC in the official forums yet? All I've seen lately is two MMO site linking to Morrison verifying that it's still in development. I've been playing the 360 more than anything else lately and I'm really itching for an MMO there. Assuming they fix *the game* overall and they get the performance on the 360, the visceralness (did I just invent a new word?) of AoC could work well on a console.

Openedge1 said...

The RE4 scheme is the one I used. But, I am unsure of where it came from.
Also, I did change a few settings on the RE4 PC version, so that aiming and shooting worked 100% better.
But, it will NOT fix the clumsy inventory screen. I am unsure how I feel about surviving while going through slots of my inventory..

As to AoC 360, no forum talk...just the usual "interview" mentions.
The fact they just announced a delay to the Secret World MMO could put that game on the backburner, and maybe move the 360 MMO forward...
I hope.

Hey, there is always the new Witcher RPG coming to the 360 with revamped combat and questing..
THAT will rock!


Scott said...

Yeah I'm really looking forward to the Witcher. I hope they manage to pull off a successful control scheme.

I just miss having the other people to interact with; something no NPC can ever duplicate. Running around places in Mass Effect I couldn't help but deeply wish for other people to watch, chat, and group with. I just picked up Fallout3 and without even putting the disc in yet I already know I'll feel the same. Well, maybe... I don't know how many people are supposed to be alive in that game's lore.

Champions Online looks to be a snoozefest so I can't imagine it doing well on the console either. I think AoC has the potential on that platform, at least from an action/combat perspective. Unsure about the rest, especially interacting with others in an RPG setting.

Did they announce a Secret World delay? I just read they were re-thinking some of its core design but then again I just skimmed the article.