Thursday, January 29, 2009

Less MMO discussion lowers site traffic

Well, well.

Seems people, even though they complained about it, actually liked my ranting about MMO's (or maybe it was the Car Wreck syndrome taking effect)....

As I have reviewed my recent analytics, I see that a massive drop in traffic occurred in the New Year, which seems to coincide with my smaller focus on MMO's.

I am still interested, yet, I do not get as much pleasure out of discussing the genre that I feel is very stagnant at this time.
With games on the backburner like Chronicles of Spellborn, Aion, etc...I do not see any reason to start talking about them yet.
I am playing one game, and I could take my time to discuss it more. I really think it deserves it as well.
I may try to shift my focus for some articles so I can discuss the goings on in Age of Conan.

So, if I still have some traffic out there (and my traffic report shows "some" people coming still), give me a heads up on if you are interested in what is happening in Age of Conan.

Do you want to hear how the game is shaping up?

Recently a new patch just went to Test Live, and this will be a major patch come February. New high end content...hooray.
I also have a character that is getting ready to move in Ymir's Pass, which was the new mid level zone added before merges. With new "adventures" and story based quests, I think it could prove to be fun to discuss the changes.

Also, next patch will introduce a new level 40 area, to bring in extra questing in that range (less Villa grinding for anyone who knows about that set of adventure zones).

Anyways, I am glad to have been able to discuss MMO gaming, but until the genre gets their veritable head out of their a**es and start doing something different, I am not ready to play any more mediocre games or discuss them.



brenda said...

I read every day, but I can't claim to be all that interested in AoC :/ (sorry!)

Jason said...

I'd be interested to hear about your adventures in AoC.

Considering that there doesn't appear to be a ton of blog coverage on it anymore you could become the communities one stop shopping source for info. :)

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

Scott said...

Yep, I'm here every day too, and always enjoy hearing what's up with AoC since no one else out there blogs about it.

Honestly... so many bloggers go off on their armchair dev pontificating that it's refreshing to hear what's up with a specific game instead of The Industry and The Game Mechanics.

Plus you're not MMO-exclusive, so that's an added bonus to keeping me reading anyway.

Anonymous said...

I would certainly read any AoC posts and I pop in here regularly.

I am an MMO gamer but not a PC gamer and have never been, so non-MMO PC games feel a bit alien to me tbh.

Danshir said...

I personally have no interest in AoC, but I enjoy reading both your MMO and non-MMO articles regardless.

Infact I always envy your posts, you generally have lively conversations

Thotholyte said...

I would, indeed, love to hear more about your travels in Hyboria, as well as the fun guild 'Fellowship of Souls' you are in. You do a fine service for us all, and I thank you so much.