Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The controversy...oh my

I have decided what I finally like about some games, and the one mechanic that most everyone hates, but I love.

I love a game on rails.

Lead me along, give me a good map, keep me in line. If I have to go back, of course give me a reason. But, if anything, keep me going ahead, and just tell me my story.

I have never written a movie, so why should I write my own game. Looking at that analogy, if someone is talented enough to give me a good story, and has my character progressing properly..I will be quite content with the material.

Maybe this is why Horror survival is my cup of tea. Maybe that is why Guild Wars totally rocks. Maybe that is why some MMO's don't really feel like my cup of coffee (not THAT big of a tea fan).

Resident Evil, Age of Conan, Prince of Persia, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Guild Wars, Silent Hill, Gears of War...

Story and lead me by the nose gaming....YUM!

I think gaming wise, I have it pretty good. Clear objectives and good story wins the day for me....

I can now imagine the many a blogger who love this whole "Sandbox" thing ripping their hair out now. You can have all the sand in your shorts that you wish.

Gimme my rails dangit!


Tesh said...

Nice article, Open. I find my tastes waver depending on my mood. My ideal is a game on rails that allows you to step off and putter around if you feel like it without breaking the narrative.

There's definitely a stronger potential for storytelling in a game on rails, and since story is a major selling point for me, I don't mind rails. Of course, if the story stinks, well...

Rory said...

I'm with you on this one Edge. There's a level of open sandbox game play that I find attractive but it gets to a point where it extends beyond what I find comfortable. The majority of games i've played, completed and enjoyed the most are ones that lead me along the story line or give me limited choices rather than expansive possibilities.

Xilek said...

You have a great point, and I'm with you most of the way, but I have to disagree that a completely on rails game is good. Fallout 3 and Fable 2 both struck a near perfect balance of the open world-sandbox feel while still providing clear goals and a story which you may progress and you own pace.

Giving me the option to own a house, decorate it, wander around a post-apocalyptic D.C. and scour the world of bobble head dolls is simply, awesome.

Copra said...

The sandbox should be meaningful for all, and the sandbox should make it clear that all cannot be the heroes, some will fail and without others backing up on the resource side the heroes will have zero chance in 'winning' the great big bad evil monster guy.

It'd be a lovely day to have your character to retire in game and visit him with your new, fresh, toon for quests, guidelines or stories... or some nice equipment saved from the former adventuring.