Thursday, January 22, 2009

Age of Conan - Free character transfers

Yesterday's down time made available free transfers until sometime in February. I had been waiting for this so I could put all my characters on one server. (At least the ones I play the most).
As I stated previously, I have one character for each race right now. An Aquilonian, Stygian and Cimmerian. The i
ssue was my highest level was on one server and the other two with my new guild Fellowship of Souls on another.

Now they reside together in harmony. I also have a Tempest of Set who was originally a PvE, who I transferred to a RP-PvP.
With merges complete and transfers in place, I am feeling more at home, and enjoying myself very much.

Yesterday I got to do a most interesting quest. The interesting part is the quest is given to me by a speaking head on a pole.
He notes he was a "Farmer" at one time (in a land of rocks mind you) and wished me to take vengeance for him against another spirit who walks the land.
Yet this other spirit is there only to help with the passing of his warrior bretheren. He knows the spirit that now rests on the pole is there to suffer for his own past crimes.

Ah the petty squabbles of the dead.

Anyways, off for some more gaming goodness. I made some further progress in Resident Evil 4 and may be near the end. Also of note, next week brings a demo of Resident Evil 5, with a coop feature that looks to be quite fun, and has enough visual quality to look better than the CGI movie that was recently released.


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