Friday, January 16, 2009

Age of Conan - Top 5 for 2008 sales

Ok, I was unsure of this before, but it seems another list has been released.
Age of Conan hits #4 on the top 5 of best selling PC games for 2008.
Not far behind is WAR at #5.

Now, no source is cited, and this is my only qualm (hopefully not the Amazon, but I am sure someone will bring this up, and hopefully we will have some backing data.

As I have stated before, this is a boon for Funcom and basically speaks to the "potential" of the game to flourish. All Funcom has to do is get this merge out of the way, add DX10, and then start the "Come Back".

Not much else to say but...get it rolling Funcom.

Ok, have a good weekend, and CHEERS!


Oakstout said...

Blizzard pretty much dominated the entire list, not just the top, which was pretty much a given.

Bildo said...

It really is a good place to be for both AoC and WAR. They've got enough of an installed base that if they make the right changes/improvements, both can see a swell of returning players by the time the Lich King wears off.

Hopefully AoC will do a "returning weekend" promotion. I'd love to give it a 2nd shot.