Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Netflix again and Age of Conan

Well, back to the Netflix issue.
In my previous post someone stated they were "wired" to their modem, and as such have not had "hiccups".
I rewired yesterday to make sure this was not the problem.
I ended up with issues still left and right, including a new one. Seems I keep being told I had 2 movies already
open...when no movies were playing.
Back to Netflix support, and some major "updates".
First and foremost, they confessed to issues with Xbox playback. They said "it is something we are working on"
I hope so, as when I wire up the Xbox and it STILL tells me I have only 1 bar (in their bandwidth rating system, meaning SLOW), then something is wrong on YOUR side.
Also, they find that for some reason they have "licensed" my PC (yea, they had the full scoop of data on what media player I was using, PC specs, etc..) for an older version of their software
, and not the new DRM heavy, very clunky and basically "IT DOES NOT WORK" Silverlight software from Microsoft.
After an hour, they had fixed my multi movie issue.
But, I am still down to 5 minute buffering, multiple interruptions, and an overall unpleasant experience.
We have decided to focus on our DVD queue. But, the live streaming is a joke for now.

Anyways, back to gaming news. I did not do a weekend wrap up, as besides the heavy Resident Evil 4 focus we are on, I started back up my Age of Conan time.
What a difference the higher levels are when finding groups.
Twice I have advertised for specific groups, and had sucess instantly.

Specifically in the Fields of the Dead, there is an island full of undead, with various locations with bosses. A group can move through fleetingly and get the bosses amulets for a quest as well as mark totems within the grounds for the ancestors remembrance.
Total blast.
I did get a VERY nasty lag spike, which I had reported, as I was stuck not able to do anything for 5 minutes...it was weird.
Luckily this was fixed, and the rest of my play sessions have been quite fun.
I also had one character back on Tortage, finishing quests there.
This would make my retinue complete of an Aquilonian, Stygian and Cimmerian. One for each zone.
Ok...back to the game this morning. Everyone have a good day!

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