Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Age of Conan - Bizarre Support Twist

After reading through the last response from Funcom support, one piece kept nagging at me, but it just did not make sense.

Instead, I started today's troubleshooting blaming a core piece of my system...the motherboard.

I had noted sometimes that the USB would make the sound noting something had disconnected...yet everything continued working. Mouse, controller, keyboard...all fine.

But, I setup another system in my back office with my video card, but a different motherboard.

When I loaded up Age of Conan, DX10 worked. Ok...so, this seems odd. Now, just for the heck of it, lets take this system to the living room...and that is when it hit me..

"Another question--what kind of monitor are you using? Are you doing
anything unusual there, such as using a TV display instead?"

Actually, I am.

I use a 42" LCD in the living room, and sit back on the couch to enjoy my gaming time.
It is fully HD compliant, and supports various resolutions. But, what would a TV have to do with my mouse?

But, I hooked it up, I started Age of Conan...
Mouse broke again.

No rotation without the camera pointing at the sky.

Could it really be a TV that causes the mouse to mess up? How stupid is that?

Then I got more creative. I hooked up my laptop to the TV..

NOOooo.....it WORKS!!!

So, now my culprit is the ATI card and the LCD together...so far.

So, now what? Do I spend 300 bucks on an Nvidia card in the hopes that it WILL work on the LCD? Do I relegate myself to the office to play Age of Conan and disappoint my wife?

A truly horrible issue to deal with. But, it looks like my issue is resolved. Mainly by myself, but thanks to a single comment by Funcom.

The team made the effort to fix my issue, and for that I am pleased. Also for that, I will continue my sub to Age of Conan.



Ardwulf said...

That IS a pretty weird problem. I'm very glad you're sticking with AoC - I'm enjoying your coverage of the game a great deal.

adingworld said...

Have you tried different mice and mouse drivers?
Did you use the mouse with the laptop?

I have seen comments where other have mouse issues with DX10+Vista in games.

Openedge1 said...

Yes...many different mice (well, 3 brands and types- RF/2.4 Ghz, Fast RF, and also the 360 controller which acts like a mouse)

Used one of the mice with the laptop, thus eliminating specific mouse issues.

I still blame ATI at this point, but hopefully I can find out more..