Thursday, May 14, 2009

Age of Conan - Progress is good

Having hit level 73 this weekend, I am making some headway in my goal of reaching max level.

Right now things are a bit difficult as I am relegated to some areas due to content being a bit thin in the 70's. Patch 1.05 is to introduce some new areas within Aquilonia to quest...but for now I am in Stygia mostly.

Keshatta is rife with various critters. From Scorpions, Hyenas and of course humanoids of various sorts...mainly bandits who lay in wait as you pass to attack.

If I wish, I can take a break from this region and head to Atzels Approach, where Atzels Fortress, a higher level raid zone exists. I have not entered that area yet, so I am unsure if it is a 6 man or 24 man dungeon.
Snow covered peaks line this region. I have found quite a few various mobs here, from Undead, to Snow Apes (a creature that I remember from Conan comics I had read in the past), small Ice Lizards, Wooly Mammoth and more. As I said...quite varied. Makes for some fun fighting within this area.

There are some group zones I have not been able to enter due to my schedule, and my hope is to maybe get some weekend time soon and try those out. Thunder River for example has a really cool Prison Colony atop a mountain range. You must ride a mountain trolley (or whatever those are called. A car that travels on wires from one location to the next..across large gaps of mountains) to get from the main island to this mountain zone. Also, several dungeons in Keshatta and Atzels.

Content is pretty good, and overall even though I have been in the one zone mostly, the fights have been great fun, so, I am having a blast.

Anyways, gotta get ready for work, hope everyone has a good day..


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