Friday, May 8, 2009

Age of Conan - Nvidia GTX260 Verdict..

Age of Conan, DX10, and LCD TV's = FAIL!!

Wow, this really sucks. What confuses me the most is why my laptop worked in DX10 on the LCD TV, but no other video card in a straight up system, will not.

I still have some experimenting to do, and a few ideas. But, now I know it is not just ATI, but ALL video cards fail in DX10 and AoC on an LCD TV.

I have an install of Windows 7 downloaded (the new RC version), and will try that...who knows...may just be Vista.

More as it happens

(PS: Finally got another email from Funcom after 3 days, saying they had no new ideas...sad really)


Hudson said...

I cannot for the life of me figure out what is up with your machine. I am using a GeForce 8800 GT and have no issues, but I also have INTEL on board and not AMD and I don't touch ATI cards.

I run perfectly. It has to be something on MB end?

Openedge1 said...

Please note, it is now a known issue with LCD TV's and not really a system issue anymore.

I could take these same systems and put them on regular LCD monitors, and all is fine.

Also, it is only DX10 and Age of Conan.

I can play Devil May Cry in DX10 perfectly fine.

So, Age of Conan, LCD TV and DX10 = Not working...

BTW, today I also found some notes that Crysis does this..
Seems the mouse center is off on LCD TV's as they do not send the proper info back to the video card...
But, this was at launch, and not sure if it still exists or not..

May tests that to make sure.


Scott said...

I don't recall if you posted this or not, but does AoC work fine if turn off DX10 and go back to DX9 emulation?

Openedge1 said...


Yes, DX9 works perfectly, thus what I have been playing in.

The DX10 issue is a sore point, as I have some pretty immense hardware here (for example, the GTX260 does 40-60FPS in DX10), yet cannot play it, due to the LCD TV issue.

Lets say you buy a Big Mac, and it comes with no can still eat it, but man those pickles would add some extra goodness.

Plus, I am a stickler for when issues arise, and I like to figure it out (6 months of LOTRO hitching troubleshooting is one example...especially when Turbine acted like Funcom during that period and deleted whole threads on the subject of hitching..)..and I would just like some answers from the company is all.

There is something weird going on in the DX10 implementation, and now I just gotta figure it out is all.

Until then, DX9 will work, but man, some pickles would taste good right now.

Johnny said...

This is strange indeed.

I am having the same issue with LOTRO.

The game does not recognize the fact that my GTX260 card can run DX10 and I am running with a 32" LCD TV as well.

My wife plays with DX10 without a problem on her monitor.

I guess the problem DOES lie with the LCD TV. It just puzzles me immensely.

Openedge1 said...

You got it. I am running Windows 7 and still see the same issue.
It is 100% the games fault as they did not code the mouse center and resolutions for DX10.
I think I mentioned that the trick is if you have a VGA input, you can run a cable to that and HDMI (both at the same time) and it will work.

Otherwise, have to stick with DX9 (which after playing for a while in DX9, I had to go back to DX10...just looks so much better)