Monday, May 18, 2009

Age of Conan - The little things...

A new letter from game director Craig Morrison, has been released on the Age of Conan forums.
The letter is a little nostalgia for Craig, and of course discusses how close they are to releasing patch 1.05...(soon!!)

I have seen some new info out and about for some of the changes coming that are little tweaks that add a lot to a game. Conveniences, new ways to do and see things..I kind of like those types of changes (for example, new UI fonts are being implemented to make damage flying while in combat easier to read.)
I will touch on some others I have read later. For now, I will share what Craig has mentioned....These look great.

New Provisioners – These new vendors can be found in several places selling crates of certain potions and food so you don’t need to buy them one by one anymore. (The stack sizes of potions and food have been increased as well!) (nothing like click the up arrow to add 50 items 50 times...ugh)

City Life – Players will find their guild cities get a little more populated with NPC visitors, guests and residents. The guild cities should be a little livelier now! (I found some posts on this, and will share more later. Basically they have given a better reason for players to go to Guild Cities than just to siege)

'Path of Comrades' – A new recall ability (that shares it refresh timer with the path of Asura) obtained from your guild city allows you to return to your guild city. (Now, we will have two avenues of travel as needed)

More travel options – New NPCs in the guild cities will offer passage to several locations. (Since when you are in your Guild City, you are forced to travel multiple zones to reach a no need to path out!)

New Social Pets – Check out new vendors in the guild city for some new faithful companions! (New PETS...everyone loves collectible pets, and this will be quite fun to play with)

Improved Guards – The guards across Hyboria should behave better around PVP and react against the correct targets. When you are tagged as the ‘aggressor’ in a fight will also now be visible in your GUI. (This is huge as it has been the MAIN complaint, and of course, when someone finds a loophole they will of course use it to their advantage. This should improve PvP 100 fold)

There was more, like some new social clothing (no social appearance tab though...yet)...

But, this gives an idea of how much of a change is going into patch 1.05. This is the biggest yet, and since I have tested the latest combat changes on Testlive...I do not hate it anymore.

So, here is in hopes of continued success for Funcom. Age of Conan has really been the game I have wanted. These changes just solidify the games future to me.


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