Saturday, May 30, 2009

Age of Conan - Level 65-75 = Difficult..

...Yet, level 76 opens up a whole new ball of wax.

WoW, I am only 3 bars away from level 77 thanks to the massive number of new quests that open, including "grind" groups that show up in what is called DMC (Death Master Camps).

Here groups of players gather to do quests in the camp and grind XP. Basically a group will grab a major DPS to center the team, and other tanks run out and grab gatherings of mobs to bring center, and blast away.
XP Bars fill up fast in this respect. And if you grab the contracts, this also earns a bit o' cash as well.
Also, an area that had become closed off (due to low levels quests and no XP) now has open questing and dungeons as well. Atzels is now playable again!
Still no solo work per se, but the number of groups forming is excellent.

Groups fill up quickly and more are always available.

Looks like I made it over that hump for now, and I could get to 80 quicker than I imagined.
I have been excited about trying a couple of raids on the weekends, and I may just finally get my wish. to play some more...trying for 77 today!



Anonymous said...

Good luck with leveling! Looking forward to seeing that screenshot of you dinging 80! :)

Doc said...

I echo Gordon's comments.

I made to somewhere in the 70's on my main (a POM) and between the grind and my guild disintegrating never made it to cap.

Again, good luck.