Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Age of Conan - Likes Windows 7...

And I was impressed at how it ran.

Start up was immediate. Recognized my unique resolutions, and DX10 was working out of the box (well...almost...some people complained about this, but all you need to do is download the DXwebsetup file and make sure DX9 is also installed which updates DX10 as well).

I installed on a test system, which also has the ATI 4870, which does not play nice with the mouse in DX10. It worked immediately, so this is a good sign.
I will try the system on my LCD TV and see if that works also.

Besides Conan, W7 also liked my major programs (like Vista Codecs which allows Xvid and DVD playback without an alternate encoder and Seesmic desktop, as well as Xfire)

I plan to continue installing and see if I am ready to replace my main OS (so far, based on ease of install and performance, I think it will be a definitive yes)

Also, just a quick mention on "Year One" for AoC, and the celebratory gifts Funcom has showered us with..


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