Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Age of Conan - Yellow Gremlin is Awesome

This site is not discussed to much, but I think any player of Age of Conan should have this site bookmarked.

Called the "Age of Conan Yellow Gremlin Database", basically this site offers services to players outside of the game.
Like Everquest 2 as an example, with EQ2Players, this service offers various databases for the game, including Character Sheets, Auction Houses and more.

Located at AOC.YG.COM, you can dip into the sites many features.

Here are a few at a glance...

A good way to look up other characters as well as your own sheets. It has listings for items worn, level of the player and more.

This has just been added for one server but is expanding. Basically it is a searchable offline database of items placed for bid, and how long they will up for grabs. You can search by color and type of items, level ranges and more (it actually works as a searchable database BETTER than the built in auction house...lol).

Finally another new item added today

Even though the game already has a well featured Quest and Mapping system, this goes one step further by offering quest rewards, and also allows players to add notes for any issues or ways to beat the quests.

Awesome setup.

If you play Age of Conan, this is an indispensable tool. Make sure to check it out.

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