Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Age of Conan - Funcom screws up...yet..

Most players do not care.

How funny.

Now of course, new customers may view this differently.
Haters of Funcom sure have taken this to new heights (the love the haters have for ammunition to throw around forums is quite amusing.), but players who are already in game?...could give a sh**.

I decided to play for a bit yesterday and started asking how people felt in Guild Chat and Global about the issue. How do they feel about the company.

They still think they are getting their moneys worth, and most chalk it up to mistaken wording. As well, they were not hurt over the fact that Funcom did try to make it look like the players fault (this, I felt was the most egregious of issues on Funcoms part, because no matter how you slice it, an event is an event, and not the players concern to create an event YOU the company invite them to, unless you specifically state "Player driven").

It does present a PR nightmare though when people discuss it down the road on websites and blogs (wha? who me?), and then to see another event announced...one that has players traveling around other websites to find clues to (i.e: not an "in-game" event) complete a quest of sorts. Just seems slightly cheap again.

Of course, I played my game, had fun, and thought nothing of how stupid Funcom really is...but, being niche like this will not garner better profits, and the game will slowly whither away..

I did see a discussion though from Craig on Twitter about patch 1.05 (one I feel I can get behind now since some recent changes), and I do have some stuff I have gathered about their guild changes that look good.
All Funcom needs to do is get this one off the ground without all of the issues..

But, we know how this always goes.

(Think...Good Karma will win...Think HAPPY thoughts...)


Anonymous said...

Players in games tend to enjoy them and really like it - otherwise they wouldn't be playing. I certainly remember for my time in AoC that everyone was very positive about it. Even when I went back briefly, people talking about how great it was and how far it had come.

The bad thing about negative PR and press though is that it effects players who aren't currentingly playing - and they're who the company needs to attract back.

Allan Anderson said...

Heh, I'm glad I wasn't paying attention for this (non) event. I'm just trying to get my barbarian to 50 before 1.05 comes out!