Friday, May 1, 2009

Age of Conan - Support Odyssey


The support queue for Age of Conan is still in effect, as I work through an issue in regards to their DX10 implementation.
As part of this diary, I have been tracking the responses and back and forth with the team.

I received this email yesterday..


I just wanted to let you know I did receive your info, I just don't have
anything intelligent to suggest yet. ;) I apologize for any delay in
response on this, I'm just trying to make sure we haven't overlooked
anything obvious. I also want to warn you in advance response times will
slow down further over the weekend--please don't feel like your ticket
has fallen through the cracks if that happens.

This was sent on Thursday and he is already stating less response time for the weekend. (I knew I should have moved to Norway...those 3 day weekends look great).

I still took it upon myself to work through the issue on my own as well.
I remade my Test server install to have a fresh load of the game to try a test again.

It of course failed.

I really have no idea how this issue can exist.

For those who may not remember, I have a two fold issue of resolutions below 1680x1050 widescreen NOT working (square resolutions do, like 1280x1024). And the other issue is once you use the right or left mouse button to rotate the camera it goes haywire, points at the sky, and will not go behind the character anymore.

Only in DX10. The DX9 client works seamlessly.

I would like to show you the list of things I have done as well that I sent to the support team at Funcom...

1. Clean install of Age of Conan
2. Clean install of Vista x64
3. Clean drivers install with latest drivers (from clean OS)
3. Deleted prefs folder (config)
4. Tried two different brands of mice, and an Xbox 360 controller (my
normal form of control)
5. Two different programs for my 360 controller
6. Unplugged controller and uninstalled controller software
7. Downgraded ATI drivers

Quite a bit here. I have been working with computers since I was 18, so over 20 years, and troubleshooting is something I live for.
But, this is a stumper...especially in the fact that the DX9 client works, which still points at the DX10 implementation being half assed. Something in the client itself (even though Funcom has assured me my issue is unique, thus a system issue).

Well, as we move forward, I hope this gets resolved. A lot rides on how the issue is handled and Funcoms responses. My sub expires on May 16th, and I have stated I do not want to renew due to Funcoms support.
If I see a commitment to getting this fixed though, it could change my mind.

I am debating about ordering some new hardware I like to try and keep PC spare parts in stock. I may start doing this as this issue progresses and test some varied hardware while doing it (Nvidia card, etc.). I am looking at the new I7 Core for Intel, so this may just be the time to do it.

More as this progresses.

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