Thursday, April 30, 2009

Age of Conan - Community letter from Craig

A VERY interesting letter today from Craig Morrison, Game Director of Funcom.

It seems an issue a lot of people have with the game that have been playing for a while will finally be alleviated.

As noted...

""Characters above level 50 will now have a one time option to create a new character that starts life at level 50""

Basically for a level 50, you can start a new character at 50 to try different classes. It is not detailed much, but one thing is clear.

No more TORTAGE to play a new class.

This is huge, and for a PvP based game a boon to those who hate the thought of leveling up another alt. This also will help guilds build teams of alts for raids, sieges and more.

This is impressive.

More info is here. But, I am still looking over that small bit of news while salivating.


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adingworld said...

The level 50 option is quite nice, but a one time option, so you would still need to do Tortage possibly, depending on the number of 50+ characters available.