Monday, April 27, 2009

Age of Conan - Final run to 70

Almost complete, as my character has just 4 notches to level 70.

I have decided to put my game on hold once I hit level 70. My sub expires on May 16th, so I will not renew.
But, I do have plans.

If I reach 70 before the end of my sub, I will move a copy to Testlive and check out the new zone for level 70+. As well, it does allow me to test patch 1.05 a bit more.
This will be important, as I will need a reason to return.

After being blown off by tech support regarding an issue going on 4 or more months (has been happening to others before me, and it has for myself just 4 months), I really do not see the team dedicated to all facets of the game.

There is no doubt that the game is fantastic, and in my list of favorite MMO's (With Guild Wars, EQ2, and WoW also in that list of favorites), but I will really need more of an incentive to come back when it comes time to renew...basically when I get an itch for an MMO.

The only other game this year I have even a remote interest in is Aion, and I do not think it will be here until near the end of the year. Also, no Xbox 360 games are calling my name just yet.

So, I may be in a dry period. I may actually...EXERCISE...ugh.

Anyways, I need to get into the game now and get leveling. Wish me luck, and hope the burn out does not take me away.


brenda said...

Hard to see such a tireless advocate of a game calling it quits :/

Openedge1 said...

What is worse is if it was NOT for the developers and issues not being taken care of, I would still be playing.
This is what kills me.
I think I need to talk with my wallet since discussion on the forums, and contacting tech support has garnered nothing.
I still think the game is a winner compared to other MMO's, thus my reason to not play anything else right now...MMO wise.

Even though Guild Wars may call me back for a bit. New content there seems to be in line with what I want to do.

Hudson said...

Guild Wars works.

What is exercise?

Hey you could always play Free Realms!

Openedge1 said...

Hey you could always play Free Realms!YOU'RE BANNED!!!


Never, thank you very much. I am not a mini game fan...reason I got sick of EQ2's crafting.

No, I think it is time to say goodbye to this stuff again.

Not an issue.

I will be back when the dust settles.