Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Age of Conan - By Crom!! Support!

Ok, a quick update.

I got my first email from Funcom support for Age of Conan and I am on step one of getting this issue resolved.

I will be keeping a diary of how this progresses for others to follow. I think it is important to see how the company is faring now based on how things were in the past.

I have answered the email, and here are the details of the letter for you to see. I will not include names, but only the main body, so follow along and lets see how this plays out.


I'm sorry you're having issues with DirectX 10 mode. I've reviewed your
thread on the test live forums, and I can see you're fairly frustrated
with the issue. As such, I want to make sure you're aware up front of
what I can and can't do for you. This is not a widespread problem; I
have not received any tickets except yours with this specific set of
problems. As such, I will need to try to troubleshoot this on the client
side with you, and I will need to get your dxdiag and may need to ask
you to try things you've already tried.

What I will not be able to do is provide you with direct access to the
developers, or answer most questions that start with 'why' or 'when'. :)
In other words, I will not be able to give you information on when a
change or fix might occur if this does appear to be a bug in the client
side, and I won't be able to provide ongoing status reports about our
development or QA process. Based on your issues so far, I just wanted to
make sure you were aware of this before we get started; I apologize for
any inconvenience this may cause.

What I'd like to get from you to start with is your dxdiag.txt (please
send as an attachment--I know you posted it on the forums but I am
working from within a different system), and if you could, a brief list
of the things you've tried so far.


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