Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blogger spotlight and future updates...

Well, looks like I got a mention on episode #45 of the SUWT show...at Virgin Worlds.

Appreciate the call out.

Looks like I get the spotlight thanks to sticking to this darn Age of Conan. And I plan on it for quite a while.

This years offerings seem to be less than admirable in what MMO's will offer, and with so many changes going into the new patch coming "SOON", I figure this game has what I enjoy.

The headway in stability and gameplay in AoC has taken leaps and bounds beyond the launch. It looks like it will also retain quite a few players from the trial as well. This is excellent, due to the fact that the dungeons and instances in AoC are some of the best I have played. Group dynamics are key to this fun, and patch 1.05 will be even better thanks to group buff skills.

Anyways, I went back to live servers for a bit, as I plan to get Amatheon up to level 70 (he is now 68) due to the fact that patch 1.05 will offer the new level 70 zone Tarantia Commons.
I have not read up on it too much, but I wish to see what is in store, and of course share it with you guys.
So, the level blitz is on.

Ethalos, my Tempest of Set, has hit the 40's zones, which use to be annoying, thanks to the fact that the Villas was the only zone for leveling, and running these over and over proved to be a drag.
Luckily, Field of the Dead has had some adjustments to level and Villas still exists, and then the Arena is another fun area. This is proving to me that the grind of the past is gone now thanks to an excellent level curve. A player is guaranteed as many quests as they want without the need to grind it out too much.
I would also like to recopy Ethalos to test to see how FoTD and Villas work now with the changes to the stats.

I have a lot to write, but it seems work has become more of a focus, as the economy has made it that we need to keep on top of raising funds, and getting the word out on our Non-profit.
But, I will attempt to keep this running, with just maybe a few posts a week..I may even try to go on a schedule if possible.

I appreciate those that continue to visit, and I will try to make sure to share as much data as I can about Conan.

Stick around, as the good stuff is coming.



Ardwulf said...

Grats on the shout-out from SUWT! It's well-deserved. Now you just have to demand that Darren invite you on the show. ;)

That aside, I too am loving your AoC commentary - it's a game that deserves more attention than it's getting. Keep it up, and hopefully in a couple of months I'll be able to join you in-game.

Openedge1 said...

Sounds good.
I do suggest waiting for patch 1.05, as it WILL be a whole new game.
With gear actually having REAL stats, and new content...

Should be sweet.

Thanks much.

Ardwulf said...

Is there an ETA for 1.05? My plan was to shoot for some time in May to step back in.

Openedge1 said...

Tomorrow release 4.7 is to hit live (actual numbering is 1.04.7)...so I am thinking each week or two will be another until 1.05.
I could see May being the date, unless balance becomes an ongoing issue.
A lot of people like it..I am still up in the air due to the drastic change..but I think I can live with it.
I will keep the info flowing, so watch the blog and we will see how it goes!

John said...

Obviously your glass is half full Opendge :)

I see Patch 1.05 being release in June at the earliest. There are still too many balance issues (or too many QQers).

I don't mind the changes too much (and I play a Guardian) and would love to see Tarantia Commons out sooner as my third 7x toon is getting bogged down with the grind through Kesh :(

Keep up the good work with the Blog, it is one of the few I try to get to every day to see what you have anew :)