Thursday, April 23, 2009 gets ban happy.

Seems some new mods have been trolling the forums, and I got banned for really no reason that I can see.
But, maybe I am not objective enough, so see if you can understand this reasoning.
I have already asked them to review the answer again, and really find a better reason than given to ban me.
I was noted as flaming..
Their rules are... does not tolerate personal attacks on other posters. Please keep your arguments and posts on topic, and argue the ideas and topics of the thread instead of insulting other users.

Here was the result of the actual post.

Thread: Why the need to defend AoC so passionately?
Below is the content of the post:

Originally posted by GiveMePvP
I have never understood this kind of behavior. Right now I don't play any MMO's but when I did play I didn't spend all my free time lurking these forums. I PLAYED the game. Also if I saw someone badmouth my game, I didn't feel the need to write 10 pages of text explaining how that person knows nothing and how the game is awesome. During my most active time of playing, you know how many posts I wrote? None.

Why the need to defend AoC so passionately?

[Mod Edit]


Why the need to hate on AoC so passionately?

I guess we could ask...why does one person like McDonalds, yet another likes Burger King..You like Coke? I like Pepsi? I like the Lakers you like the Bulls....

See how this goes?

You hated the game, and do not want to play. Others do. I for example prefer Age of Conan over the multitude of other crap currently out.

This then brings out the fervent need for others to be the defenders, the ones who state their opinion about what you have gotten wrong..

Thus, we always return to it is "opinion".

You have the right to give yours, but don't expect those who ARE happy with a product to take it laying down. They are allowed to give theirs as well.

Good luck in your future endeavors. But, do not expect sympathy from players of a game they like, that you do not.


[Mod Edit]

(Note the multiple mod edits)

So, not only were the posts heavily modified (I am not even sure what was changed in mine to begin with, but there was not any attack AT the user), and the thread really was a troll thread to begin with. So, if they allow this type of post, then why ban someone who was stating their point in the thread.

But, hey, I leave it up to you. If you can see where the personal attack / flame is at, please let me know. really has a lower common denominator in their forums, with a few exceptions, but compared to an actual games forums, it is pretty rank and even vile at points.

Anyways, I really hate a ban for no reason. If I WAS banned for a reason (during my LOTRO playing days...hehe) I would not argue...but, this one is really not a bannable offense.

Did the mods go to far? Or are the mods showing favoritism even? (Maybe they are an AoC hater?)..



Enigma said...
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Tosheeba said...

I think there was over the top moderation for that thread. I participated in it and was seeing entire sections of perfectly normal posts being cut and edited.

It got to a point where I didn't know what people were saying anymore.

Tesh said...

I was banned from the Escapist forums for posting a link to one of my blog posts that was directly relevant to the discussion at hand, with no rancor or flaming. You never can tell what arcane rules mods have, but all too often, they aren't really all that conducive to healthy conversation.