Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Age of Conan - It is the little things..

That matter the most while playing a game.

Stupid things I have noticed that has changed in Age of Conan since launch!

I do not get stuck on little things in the road as often..
I can climb hills more efficiently, even to the point of feeling like a mountain climber..
UI gives you more effective notation of usage (colorization, flashing, etc..)..
The long combos have been toned down (some combos were getting to 4 or 5 presses before firing)..
The level curve is more in line with making it not feel like a grind to go from one level to the next..
Some more variety of armors than before, and combination's of styles also work better..
Less abnormal graphic glitches..
Stability is at an all time high, and I have zero crashes..

And the biggie...

More fun thanks to all the above.

Ok...enough on that. Just after playing this morning, I did not want to log off. It made me think of all these little things I enjoyed.



Ardwulf said...

What I think I would like to see is some kind of comprehensive 'state of the game' report, wherein all the launch-era problems and subsequent grousing are addressed. Maybe Funcom themselves has done something like this recently, but I think an outside view would be more valuable.

Openedge1 said...

That could be difficult, but not impossible.
There was a true write up about the changes at one point by someone, and how it affected the users, but from my personal point, it will not be precise...due to the fact I am picky about my classes.
I have not played all, just most classes, and have pretty much relegated myself to two favorites.
I also have played only limited PvP, which could be a sore point for some, as my data will be one sided in the PvE realm.

I will see what I can do down the road, and see if I can find that post by someone also.