Friday, April 3, 2009

Age of Conan - And Patch 1.05 hits test

What a week for Age of Conan. Funcom really kicked things into gear. From Free Trials, to a re-review that really had some great things to say...and now...

Patch 1.05 enters Testlive (only accesible to subscribers right now...I may post some info on this later)

Lets just say there is about an hour's worth of reading with multiple pages of notes and changes...from stats to gems to crafting to itemization...

This one is huge.

Now, if this can be done within one to two months, I think they could double their subscribers easily (in so many words, get to 300k or i.e: the same as ALL niche MMO's like WAR, LOTRO, EQ2, etc...)

Like I said, I will post some more information later, as I need time to absorb all of this stuff...amazing.



Scott said...

I'm pretty much of the opinion these days that ~300K subs is what any AAA MMO should expect. EVE, LOTRO, EQ2, WAR... WoW is far and above in a league of their own and arguably shouldn't even be considered in subscriber expectations. From the bits and pieces I've read of AoC lately, I think they could be on their way back to the 300K mark by summer's end.

Now the trick is for designers to come up with a budget plan targeting the 300K mark for profitability, then if they exceed that somehow, great.

catastrophicfella said...

Please keep posting on Conan! I was curious what your thoughts are on how the pvp is in this game - I have no clue how it works period so anything you can relate of your pvp experiences in AoC would be great.