Saturday, April 11, 2009

Age of Conan - New Approach to Patch 1.05

Today I spent some time trying a new angle on the Testlive server. I recopied my character from live and started anew on my feat tree.
The feats are probably the most dire change from live that is affecting the playability of 1.05, besides gear.
I had found some new Full Plate Armor on live yesterday, thus my reason to give it a second go for my Dark Templar. With the changes to items, it means I need to be aware of what I am wearing. Patch 1.05 introduces Full Plate to ALL soldier based classes now (which was not the case before), so lets see what this does for me..

As you may have previously read, the changes to the Dark Templars feat tree had caused some major concern due to issues with Stamina Drain and Mana Drain in combat.
I tried to stick to my previous tree on TL that I used on live and died horribly on a regular basis. This time I looked in on ways to retrieve more stamina, but also protect myself with armor and upgrading my protection based skills...along with more damage meters to make combat go mores smoothly with less skill usage and more overall DPS.

Things actually worked.

I was using less potions, and being careful about my stance dancing (sticking to defensive more often), and it made it so survivability was better versus multiple mobs.

I need to study on it more, but I think this will work. I took some screenies of my skill trees and plan to see how they compare to live.

I think I may be getting over the "Patch 1.05 is doom" feeling, and can learn to work with the changes.

Here is hoping!

Anyways, I got the chance to finally finish the Ymir questline on live yesterday, so hopefully I can post a photo diary a little later..


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