Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Age of Conan - Estimating patch 1.05 release

Speculation has been making the rounds on when the final iteration of patch .05 will hit live in Age of Conan.
We are unsure really as Craig, the GD has stated "We will release no patch before it's time" being dev speak for "STFU and let us finish it".

But, we can at least get an estimate based on the current release schedules of the patches hitting live in the 1.04 series.

Today 1.04.7 hits live.

I think a countdown to 1.04.9 could take place before we see final. But again that has NOT always been the case...1.03 had 5 releases before 1.04 hit due to demand.
With the new content and new trials in place, I am sure they will not take any chances though.
Someone stated June in my comments, and this could be possible.
Lets look at some other criteria.
We could have at least 2 more patches, so two weeks of patching to be done. But, that only takes us to May.
They started offering 7 day trials. Then the hope is the 7 day trials will turn into 30 day players.
I think the two patches will be released, then a 30 day moratorium on patches to allow these new players to get acclimated before htitting them with an NGE (I mean the changes are drastic enough to warant the NGE title. Luckily it is not a game destroying altercation.)
Any other theories?

I call end of May / Early June to see the new systems in place.

Ok...well, I am off..I have one hour to play then major dental surgery (for the morbid, look up post core dentistry to see the procedure...nothing like drilling and placing spikes into my head)


John said...

Sticking to my June estimate. It is by far the largest patch so far and Sirrilion (Craig Morrison, then GD) has stated many times they will not rush this one out.

Having played some testlive there are still some major issues which need to be worked out, but overall I think the patch is progressing well.

raywiebe2020 said...

Please NEVER use the term NGE. If ANYONE who has ever played Star Wars Galaxies sees it they will run from the game in fear it will be as devestating as there!!