Saturday, April 4, 2009

Age of Conan - Running Testlive 1.05

Ok, I have been spending some time on the TL server since the update to Age of Conan testing with patch 1.05.

There are some unique changes, I will go into it a little more later on.

Two things have already become apparent.
First...Potions, Food, and your items will make a difference in PvE. The listing for items stats make sense now, and to help, they even upgraded the fonts used in the game for the UI to make things more legible (a minor change that makes a world of difference...especially us high resolution players...).
Second up is how your feats work, and picking accordingly. Seems my original layout which was working in Live, is now questionable (at least for my Dark Templar).
Like I said, I need more time with it.

I did go to Fate, who will give you free upgrades for testing, and decided to change armor so I can see how it compares to what I have been wearing. My survivability went up after doing, the stats are working as intended.
I will get some screenies of that armor also, as it is very different than what I am use to wearing...
They actually gave me a few to try, so I will get those put on, and give a little fashion show (lol).

Ok, that is all for now...expect more on this as I progress.


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adingworld said...

So there are significant changes to feats also? Makes sense I guess. Will be interesting to hear more about your experiences with it.