Friday, April 24, 2009

Age of Conan - 4 Months, No Fix

Maybe even longer now.

Just about oh not even a month ago, DX10 was released to the live servers in the same shape it was on Testlive servers.

Still being tested.

This is understood.

But, now it seems an issue I have been experiencing has been in existence for 4 months (if not longer...who knows...) with the Devs putting it on their "secret" known issues list.
Yea, seems the test server has no "known" issues thread. Thus, we are stuck trying to figure it out on our own.
I have reported the issue every patch on Test and Live, with nothing being done as well.

For myself, DX10, is 99% unplayable. I can log in with DX10 on, but several problems exists for me.

1. I cannot get a widescreen resolution below 1650 to work, and it resorts to a square resolution of the lowest denominator (1360 or 1280x720 goes to 800x600). Nothing works with this either. I cannot force it, cannot add it as a new resolution in my Graphics Control Panel...thus I am stuck at 1080p, which just makes the game run like mud in DX10, and of course, the fonts are too small on a 42" TV. I could play on my monitor, but why should I have to do that when I can run any other DX10 game in any resolution and in the comfort of my living room on the couch.

But, so what if I could go to 1080 on my office LCD, I still deal with...

2. When the left or right mouse buttons are touched to rotate the camera, the camera points at the sky, and you cannot get it behind your character anymore.
That is a serious issue, as it is not mouse related (tried various mice) and neither of these issues were fixed with a clean OS and Client install (which, the Devs master solution was to clear prefs...excuse me? did you not read FRESH INSTALL?...idiots)

So, Basically, as long as I do not touch my mouse (or Xbox controller) and can squint real good, I can run DX10 (thus my 1%)

The Testlive devs keep coming back with a "canned" response, twice in the months the issue has been on the TL forum.
And of course, you guys know me. I stated "This company must not want my money" and got a refraction (no really officer, I did not flip you off, sir)...

So, I am getting the "Be Quiet" and we will fix it if and WHEN we wish to.

Not sure how much longer I can play a game by a company who does not care that much...(ahh...memories of Turbine come back to haunt me...)

Anyways /rantoff for now. Guess we will see if I get kicked out or if this problem will get fixed.

(*Debates logging into TL every day to report the issue...hmmm*)

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