Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Age of Conan - Guild love

I just wanted to take a moment and give a shout out to my guild.

Amatheon is currently in this guild on the SET server. What I find enticing is the activities that the guild leader tries to involve the players in.
Various things are done like titles for players who stay involved in the guild, weekly gold giveaways and more.
We have a complete Guild City with all the benefits it bestows, and the ranks are always filling up due to a heavy recruiting system.
And players must respect the guild as well, so anyone not logging in for 30 days is removed.

Last count was 587 players on board.

This past weekend the guild ran a Scavenger Hunt, and I received an email from the Guild Leader reporting how this went...and they of course did it in their own fashion. Like the billboard itself on the site, the announcement of the hunt is in a medieval fashion.

I will let him speak...

Well met, fellow Scribe!
The Scavenger Hunt for the server Set in Hyboria went well, indeed, and was a lot of fun!
The hunters had to find simple items that were in the land, but became scarce quickly. Some went to the Trader to buy them, and then when the meager supply was exhausted, they went farming where they thought they might be.
Of course, they had their eye on which items counted the most points, and because the hunt was only five hours long, it tried their wits to find the most efficient way possible.
Some farmed their own alt's banks, while others sought out friends who might have such items.
Since the contest was for each character, some tried to get as many of their alts enlisted as contestants as possible, for the top ten placers received valuable gold prizes.
The contest paid out 10 gold to the top hunter, 7 gold to second place, 3 gold to the 3rd, 4th and 5th placers, and 1 gold each to the next five.
The items had to be mailed in and the name of the item had to match up exactly. Some had a limited time to hunt, so they had to make their time count with as many points as possible.
A donator sent in the gold to match the gold payments, so that has allowed another event to begin far sooner than we had it set to. So, this is why...
...the TREASURE HUNT has just begun! The Treasure Hunt began in the wee hours, instead of the busy time, to give the players then an equal chance to get in on an event early.
The Treasure Hunt is again for the entire server population. There is only one prize - a 30 gold treasure that goes to the finder! This total may very well only increase as some may donate to see it grow. An item, some where in or around Tortage, contains the hidden treasure! A series of clues is now on the website and more clues shall be added at least one time a day.
The only pitfall is that if a character answers too early and is wrong, they are out of the contest! However, they can always use an alt for their next guess, or roll as many as they wish!
You should play it yourself, good Scribe! There is a TREASURE HIDDEN OUT THERE TO BE FOUND!
Yours Truly from a Fellow Scribe,

He is quite involved, and as you can see, running it for the whole server. Very cool.

I appreciate what he is doing, and if I had more time than logging in once in a while to see what the game just looks like, I would be there also. Hopefully work will slow down.

Anyways, thought this was awesome, and glad to have such a guild leader running my guild!


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