Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Age of Conan - Quick update-Support

Well, maybe every once in a while it does pay to shout it from the mountains?

Seems I have been asked to send in my support issue with Age of Conans DX10 by one of the Devs for Funcom.

This could be looking up now (and I am so glad as I just entered a new zone, Keshatta, and it looks like great fun, and gives me 3 different areas to quest in...and of course, more ammo for blog posting.)

More as this develops.



catastrophicfella said...

You know, its always disheartening when you put your time and money into a game and get either canned or conflicting responses from community/dev reps. So I was glad to read this post about the devs asking for your logs - you really do have an avid readership here due to your coverage of Conan.

adingworld said...

That sounds like good news, hopefully! Funcom has a challenge in turning around the earlier perceptions, so it is good to see that they take an interest and perhaps also look at why this issue was not captured and processed before.

One never get a second chance to make a first impression, so they have a tough uphill battle and every little piece helps.
Properly capturing and understanding when there is a play breaking issue is one part of that.

Hopefully the problem will get solved!