Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Age of Conan - Keeping an eye out

As some may know, I am in a make or break situation with Age of Conan and Funcom in regards to support.

Yesterday, after a busy day for forum discussion and blog ranting, I noted that some progress had been made on my issue getting resolved by opening some eyes.

A post I had made on Testlive about DX10 (it is still in testing mode, thus I felt the test forums were the best place to get this issue resolved) had been slightly dormant or mostly ignored, finally received an answer.
This of course after a rather lengthy post at and a detailed post here on my blog.
The post from a Dev noted that I needed to forward my issue to the tech support system at Funcom.

This was sent about 18 hours ago.

I decided to go back and check the post in the TL forum, and noted that thread was now "closed". I also had received a PM to this effect.


Recent patches to the Testlive and Live servers have resolved
resolution and camera issues for the majority of our players. Yours
appears to be a more unique case.

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you further support in this
forum. Please email and they will attempt to
assist you further with this issue.

Please remember that DirectX10Test client is still being tested and
optimized at this time.

Regards, Haven"

Hmmm. This was not a unique case more than two months ago, when it was noted as a "known" issue. What gives?

Does this feel like a blow off?

As I said, I am being watchful. I would assume there is a turnaround on this, so I am being patient. I remember Blizzard needed 24 hours or less to get back to you. Of course they have 10+ million players also.

But, I wanted to make sure this is all noted as we go along. A lot rides on this fix, and the commitment of the Funcom team, and I feel other prospective customers need to be aware of this.

Wish me luck!

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