Thursday, April 2, 2009

Age of Conan - Eurogamer Re-Review

As part of the 7 day trial offer, Eurogamer posted a Re-review of the game. With so many fixes and changes since launch, this seemed to be the perfect time too.

As noted in the article...

"Moreover, the whole journey was incredibly good fun - the best fun I've had in an MMORPG since I first got to rampage through the Death Knight's starting zone in WOW. But in Conan's case, the enjoyment lasted for a couple of weeks rather than a couple of hours."

Interesting that bit...

There is no doubt that the game is not perfect, but then I can name so many others which are in the same boat even after a year (Read the latest patching debacles for LOTRO over at KillTenRats "Turbines recent technical record")

Well, that looks like the run for AoC today. I still have some DX10 shots to post soon, and if I get the time, hopefully some more on my adventures (Ethalos hit 40 today...woot)


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