Thursday, April 9, 2009

The twitterverse is crashing..

The loads are EXTREME...

The number of users is EXTREME...

Twitter is being driven into the ground ....HARD!

Even applications using the Twitterverse is bombing out.

It is proving difficult to even Tweet every once in a while.

I have started working on gathering followers in Twitter (and doing some Facebook action) for the non-profit I work for. But, talk about a time waster. The constant "Capacity" fail whales, the options not working (I can click on follow up to 3 times, and still not have it work..).

This thing has exploded.

What is my ROI on this?

I was almost worried that my old skills were gone, and I was just going to be an information "push" jockey..but I had an issue with one of our sites which was done in Drupal, which called for some quick PHP troubleshooting...and I got her fixed.

As for my personal tweets and blogging, it really has taken a nosedive...and I really want to blog...just that work has taken up my time quite a bit.
And it is worth it.
Having a job, especially during these economic times is a blessing.

And just in time, Easter arrives. I am not sure of everyone beliefs, but no matter what they are, prayer, meditation, the joy of spring (finally), the world seeming to settle down after elections and economic turmoil...there is a lot to think about on this next leg of our journey of 2009.

I just hope you and yours are I am ecstatic about how life is right now.

Now, I finally will have a small bit of time off, and will be playing my butt off in AoC, and I also am thinking of going back to Devil May Cry 4 (which I never finished, thanks to other games catching my attention)...

Lets all have a great weekend, shall we?

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