Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week ending round up

Quite a week and quite a weekend planned.

I have been busy...

First off, I have started working on Social Networking for the Non-profit I work for. I have set them up on Facebook and Twitter, and then I am responsible for filling these with content.
Tough work...especially when you are usually a static website which discusses what you do, so it has been quite a trip constantly having chatter for Twitter and adding goodies to FB.
So, far I have grown our FB page to twice the size of a standard group we had on there (we now have a "Page"), and Twitter is almost up to 200 followers.

Next up, I got featured on SUWT, and it has made me start looking at my blog again. I have noted a drop in bloggers discussing their games, and I guess we need all of us we can get, so I have been trying to make sure and stay focused on my game, and put out some info once in a while. Thanks guys for making me look twice at my ramblings.
They have offered me a day to run my mouth on their show also..dread those moments eh? Now, should I tell them I went to school when I was about 20 to be a radio announcer? Lasted about 1 month...haha.

Back to gaming..I hit level 69 today in Age of Conan. This means one more level, and then I can move a copy to Testlive and check out the new zone...Tarantia Commons.
You can check out a HD Video in DX10 here.

At this point, I think it is time to look at how AoC has been doing since the release of the Trial (almost a month ago). Also a contest had been taking place on Xfire, which has helped build up audience participation.

The game had hit some high points on Xfire, getting as high as #17 or #18. The contest ended on April 16th though, and as of Saturday the 18th, they have dropped down to #27.
Now this is not too bad, as the retention after the contest is considerably higher than it had been (roughly averaging between #40 to #50 on Xfire).

My only question at this point is if the game can survive the long haul. Especially with Patch 1.05 which will be the make or break of the game.

Many titles kind of fell to the wayside since last year, and this years offerings are not that accesible (Sci-Fi and Superhero games will be pretty niche, and Free Realms will be good, just very young adult and kid oriented). To keep some variety in Fantasy, I can only hope AoC survives. I really have not felt like going back to Global Cooldowns and slow mo combat. Also, I am unsure if I want Elves in my Fantasy anymore as well (lol).

Anyways, I need to get a few more quests done so I can hopefully get on to TL by next week.

Later today I am heading out for Japanese steakhouse to celebrate a good week for work, and what!

As always, I appreciate those who look here once in a while. Guess I should feel lucky I lasted through a major blog blowup and downtime between games.

Has been fun.

Anyways, Cheers soon.

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Scott said...

Keep up the awesome work on AoC. I don't always comment since I'm not playing the game, but it's always excellent reading and makes me look forward to visiting (touring? heh) the game again in the coming months. I have to say, though, that I'm rapidly coming to the opinion that AoC is a far better, and more well-rounded, game than Warhammer.