Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Age of Conan - Patch 1.05 misgivings

I still have them.

I will note that the spellcasters seemed to still be ok. I will let you know a little more about my Tempest of Set soon.
But, today was the last straw for my Dark Templar...my all time favorite class.
They have been ruined with this patch.
Where before, the more mobs you pulled, the better chance of survival you had thanks to the health tap.
Now, the more mobs you pull, the better damage THEY get thanks to an "Overpower" feature..

Which makes sense...in a normal human sort of way....

Now I do not feel like the Hero anymore.

Basically I am just another guy in a Fantasy world...the Regular Joe of the MMO.

The gear has been WoW-ified (with stats that need to be babysitted) and the potion spam sucks.

Right now, I think I better get a move on with my DT before this patch gets in and get to 80 as SOON as possible. The game looks like it will lose the fun factor that made me keep coming back to play..(man I hope this gets tweaked)


adingworld said...

Ouch, that does not sound good.

Dark Templar is the class I have enjoyed more than the others I have tried so far, although both Herald of Xotli and Bear Shaman are close behind.

But as long as it is not released things can change.

Openedge1 said...

Yes...disappointing to say the least.
I plan to flesh out the issue a little more..

But, I am not alone...others hate it as well.

The casters though are not doing as bad as everyone says...so I may have to work on my DT and get him to max quickly and then play my caster in patch 1.05...lol